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Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Troubleshooting?

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Remove the dust from the sealed guide ring and the electric control cabinet: When the product type is not changed for a long time, it should be cleaned frequently. For the vacuum system, change the circulating water in the circulating bucket once a week to ensure the cleaning of the vacuum pump: regular hit, main mining Nano WW frequency converter frequency control, should be in the operation according to the following settings on the control panel to achieve electrical stepless speed regulation: regular inspection Check if the axial fan is well ventilated: ensure that the inverter has good heat dissipation. An abnormal situation occurred during the operation of the inverter, resulting in When the host stops, it should search for the cause of the abnormality according to the display code on the inverter, eliminate the fault, and cut off the power supply of the inverter.

After the trigger display is off, turn the power on again before you can turn it back on.

The fault handling should generally be stopped during the shutdown state. Manually, according to the operating procedure, determine the fault bit.

After the nature, it can be processed. When the electrical control system fails, first cut off the power supply. Check the plug-in socket and power on.Off. Troubleshoot the door outside the protective door, then refer to the wiring diagram to find the fault and eliminate it. Common troubleshooting methods, capsules The capsules in the slide are not well. 1 The outer diameter of the individual capsules is too large, and there is a foreign body blocking.

Can enter into the hole of the capsule plate. The opening and closing time of the balloon spring is improper, and the position of the pusher and the pressure capsule is improperly adjusted.

Poor separation of the dynamic capsule filling cap. There are foreign objects on the surface of the vacuum separator, the bottom pole is not properly positioned, and the upper and lower capsules are misaligned.

There is no foreign matter in the hole to eliminate the need to eliminate the waste capsule, clear the foreign body, adjust the ejector position, tighten the sac board position, clean the filter, check Vacuum|system, adjust the gauge pressure Clutch overload 1 The powdery viscosity of the powder causes the metering plate and the dense filling rod and the metering hole to be misaligned.

|The friction is too large, the gap between the metering plate and the seal ring is improper, and the clutch torque becomes small. 1 Adjust the viscosity of the powder to adjust the dryness.

Filling rod and metering hole position. Adjust the gap between the metering plate and the sealing ring|Gap clutch nut, increase torque, stop suddenly.

The hopper powder is used up. The electronic control unit is faulty. 1 Adding powder to discharge foreign matter, the hopper powder is still not used. The electronic control system is faulty.Corresponding overhaul.

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