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  • 2022 is less than a day away.Let us review Trustar's 2021. In this 2021, Trustar has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to update and upgrade its products. We have beenCommitted to the quality of products, we have been working hard for 15 years in this field, and maybe even more.In th


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  • In the operation of the wet wipes machine, some things must be taken care of, this is very important for everyone, many people are completely unaware of some specific things in the process of operating the equipment, so it will directly affect the final The result, then what are the issues that we a


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  • The Automatic Capsule Filling Machine integrates machine, electricity and gas, adopts microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel operation, frequency conversion speed regulation, and is equipped with electronic automatic counting device. The machine is sensitive in action, accurate in fillin


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  • The quality of wet wipes produced by well-known brands is reliable, and most people will use well-known brands as their first choice.When purchasing, you must distinguish between high-quality and low-quality wipes. High-quality wipes will have a soft and elegant fragrance without any irritating odor


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  • When the automatic capsule filling machine has abnormal faults, it may cause the "timing" error of the cam (that is, each cam action sequence is wrong). When adjusting, make sure that the mechanism does not interfere with the movement. The motor continuously operates through reduction. The filling t


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  • The performance of the automatic capsule filling machine has reached the world advanced level. Its characteristics: small size, low energy consumption, easy replacement of molds, easy operation, and easy cleaning; automatic capsule filling machine standardization and serialization: manufacturing par


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  • Features of the plodder The professional equipment of the beading machine is precision-made. Various screw barrels are made of alloy steel 38CrMoALA. The product has the characteristics of extremely high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long life after anion nitriding, and can replace impor


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  • Maintenance method of ultrafine grinder1. Check if there is any foreign matter in the crushing cavity (must be empty before starting), and turn on the power.2. Tighten the butterfly nut on the upper cover and the crushing cavity.3. Start the motor and turn the empty machine for 1-2 minutes.4. If the


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