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Product Features And Functions Of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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The performance of the automatic capsule filling machine has reached the world advanced level. Its characteristics: small size, low energy consumption, easy replacement of molds, easy operation, and easy cleaning; automatic capsule filling machine standardization and serialization: manufacturing parts Universal interchangeable, convenient and accurate replacement. Full-automatic capsule filling machine uses high-precision indexer, low vibration, extreme sports working noise is less than 70dB, dose difference is controlled within ± 3%, and the probability of domestic machine capsules being used is higher than 99.5%. The surface of the class is plated with hard chrome, which is not easy to deform, prevent rust, and increase the hardness. The parts in direct contact with the powder are 304 and 316 stainless classes, which fully meet the requirements of the GMP specification of the pharmaceutical factory. The full-automatic capsule filling machine can be configured with a powder collector according to the needs of the user, which can effectively directly recover 85% -90% of the lost material, and improve the economic efficiency of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

    Full-automatic capsule filling machine with complete functions, no hopper beep alarm for empty hopper, automatic shutdown of empty capsules, filling function of pellets, granules, tablets can be installed according to user requirements, satisfying 3 kinds of materials, satisfying slow release, controlled release and tablets The need for pharmaceutical products in the same capsule. The sealing device is embedded in the bottom of the metering plate of the full-automatic capsule filling machine, which improves the leakage of powder, reduces the wear of the parts, and is easier to clean. Recycling while reducing dust on the work surface.

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