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Maintenance Method Of Ultrafine Grinder

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Maintenance method of ultrafine grinder

1. Check if there is any foreign matter in the crushing cavity (must be empty before starting), and turn on the power.

2. Tighten the butterfly nut on the upper cover and the crushing cavity.

3. Start the motor and turn the empty machine for 1-2 minutes.

4. If the material is stuck and the motor does not rotate, please turn it off immediately to prevent the motor from being burned. After removing the stuck material, you can continue to use it.

5. It is strictly forbidden to open the upper cover and reach into the crushing cavity by hand during use.

6. This machine is a dry-type grinder. It is not suitable to grind moist and greasy materials.

7. Users are requested to replace different screens as required.

8. This machine adopts an overheat protector. If the motor is overloaded, it will automatically stop. If you continue to operate, please press the protector again.

9. During the operation of this machine, the current should not be greater than 15 amps.

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