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Product Features And Functions Of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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When the automatic capsule filling machine has abnormal faults, it may cause the "timing" error of the cam (that is, each cam action sequence is wrong). When adjusting, make sure that the mechanism does not interfere with the movement. The motor continuously operates through reduction. The filling turntable is intermittently moved by the turntable station indexing box. When it is necessary to adjust the "timing" of the cam (that is, the cam action sequence), the handle is used to rotate the main motor shaft. The period of time during which the rotary motion stops, during which the packaging turntable stops, should be done:

The cam used for capsule dispensing on the second station should send the capsule to the upper module port;

The cam for separating capsule cap and body on the second station with vacuum separator should be raised to the lower plane of the lower module, and the vacuum system should generate enough vacuum to make the capsule enter the module and cap and body separate. ;

The cam at the sixth station for removing the undivided capsules of the automatic capsule filling machine should be raised to remove the remaining capsules;

The cam used to lock the filled capsule on the eighth station should lift up and lock the capsule;

The cam used to push out the finished product at the ninth station should be lifted out of the finished product.

       Other automatic capsule filling machine failures will be analyzed and eliminated one by one in the following articles, and you can pay attention to them.

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