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Choice Of Blister Packaging Machine

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There are many types, forms and specifications of blister packaging machines, with different functions, different quality and large price differences. Therefore, how to choose a suitable blister packaging machine? To make the packaged product more competitive in the market, and at the same time can achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption and saving packaging materials, which is a common concern of customers and equipment production Problems faced by manufacturers. This article discusses several blister packaging machines that are widely used in the market from the perspective of economy. At the same time, it puts forward some new ideas for your reference when choosing.

1.Types of blister packaging machines

Divided from the overall structure and working principle, the current domestic blister packaging machines can be generally divided into three series: (I) roller blister packaging machine, On, J, 130 series, mainframe 250 series; (2) Roller plate blister packaging machine, medium and low speed models (the number of punching times is less than 60 times / min); high speed models (the number of punching times is 80 times / rain or more); (3) flat type blister packaging machines.

2.Blister packaging machine working principle and process

2.1 Roller Blister Packaging Machine

Working principle of roller blister packaging machine: the forming film is heated and softened by a heating device, and the blister is sucked out by a vacuum negative pressure on a roller forming die roll. The heat sealing device seals the cover film coated with an adhesive on one surface at a suitable temperature and pressure on the surface of the blister material, and seals the packaged material in the blister. Then, the batch number is printed on the typing and embossing device, and the broken line is pressed out. Finally, the punching device is used to cut the packaging plate into a certain size.

2.2 Flat blister packaging machine

Flat blister packaging machine works: the forming film is heated and softened by a flat heating device, the softened film is blown into a blister using compressed air in a flat molding device, and the filling device fills the packaged material into the blister. Then it is sent to the flat-plate sealing device, and the cover film and the formed film are sealed under the appropriate temperature and pressure, and then the batch number is printed and the break line is printed out by the typing and imprinting device. Packaging plate.

2.3 Roller Plate blister packaging machines

Roll-plate blister packaging machine is derived from roll-type and flat-type blister packaging machines, that is, flat-plate molding device is used for blow molding (positive pressure molding) and roller-type sealing device is used for sealing. Its working principle is similar to The two above are basically the same.

3. Energy consumption of blister packaging machine

From the working principle and technological process of the above-mentioned various blister packaging machines, it can be seen that their main energy consumption stations are basically the same, and are roughly composed of the following aspects:

3.1 Power source main motor for powering the whole machine

The power required by the main motor mainly depends on the structure of the packaging machine, and the power can vary depending on the small or mainframe, production capacity, high-speed models or low- and medium-speed models and the working principle.

3.2 Heating before forming film

The molding film is generally made of thermoplastic molding materials such as PVC or PVDC with a thickness of 0.2 to 0.35 mm, and meets the hygienic requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. According to actual molding experience, the molding temperature range is 110 ° C to 140 ° C. It is heated to about 130C. However, the thermal power required to heat the formed film to about 130 ° C mainly depends on the structure type, heating mode, model structure type, and production capacity of the packaging machine forming heating device.

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