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Fluid Bed Dryer Fluid Bed Coating Machine Fluid Bed Coater Fluid Bed Drying Equipment



The machine is suitable for drying damp granule or powder material in many fields such as pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, feed stuff industry, light industry, etc. It is suitable for drying big granule, small mass, viscosity, black material produced by HLSG damp method mixer gratulatory, giant arum, acrylic acid amide, etc. Materials which have big volume change.

· Pharmaceutical industry: Granules used in tablet, capsule, electuary.

·Foodstuff: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, granules of juice, flavor and so on.

·Other industries: pesticide, feed, chemical fertilizer, pigment, dyestuff and so on

·Drying: powder or granule state of wet material


1. Adopts special antistatic fiber cloth, achieving perfect effect of dust collection, reliable operation.

2. Mixing & drying processes are completed in one step inside the machine

3. The operation is safe because the anti-static filter cloth adopted.

4. It's safe for operator if explosion take place, because explosion proof system device is adopted (upon customer's requirements).

5. No dead corner. Therefore the loading and unloading are quick, easy to clean so to meet the requirements of GMP.

6. With one more cyclone separator at the end of equipment, it can retrieve material absorbed by air.


After being heated and purified, air comes up to a certain temp. and is taken to container by air motor, then through screen plate under the action of stirring and negative pressure, forming fluid, connecting between large area air and solid. The water of material (solid) is vaporized rapidly and taken away by air exhaust pipe, then reach the standard of drying the material. Fine powder flying off during dying process is collected by bag filter, then return to Fluid bed through ash removal device.

Material ContainerVolumeL4510022042067010001500
Steam flowKg/h2060120140180310400
Compression airPressureMpa0.4-0.6
Steam flowm3/min0.
Noisedbless than 75 db

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