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How To Use And Maintain Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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Before using the automatic capsule filling machine, check that the parts of the machine are in good condition and disinfect the instrument as required. According to the process requirements such as the filling amount, select the appropriate tray size, powder or granule filling system.

1. The support and the tray should be kept in parallel. The filling rod should be perpendicular to the support to ensure that the filling rod can freely enter and exit the filling hole of the tray. Loosen the set screw, lock the nut to the required height (or mark the rod), then tighten the screw and nut, and adjust the height of the filling seat.

2. After all the safety settings are properly equipped and adjusted, turn the machine in the direction of rotation by 1-3 turns without the use of capsules and medicines. Then, under normal conditions, put the capsules under normal conditions. And the powder (or granules) are respectively placed in the respective containers, and the filling height is 30 mm below the edge of the container.

3. Adjust the depth of the filling rod of the automatic capsule filling machine. The large filling amount of the capsule is determined by the size of the capsule, the height of the tray and the degree of compaction of the filling rod to the powder. Adjust the height of the filling rod. At the beginning, the lower end faces of the six sets of filling rods should be on the same horizontal plane. The insertion depth of the filling rod is determined by the thickness of the tray. The particle filling system relies on the rotation adjustment shaft to move the adjustment member to the left and right, and achieves the purpose of adjustment by volume change. Start the machine and you can work normally.

4. Protection of the filling mechanism: Regularly check the measuring bucket and remove any deposits stuck to it. Apply a thin layer of grease to the track on the roll, once a month. The gears and grooved cams are cleaned and greased every two weeks.

4. After the use, the automatic capsule filling machine is cleaned and stored dry.

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