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What Is A Capsule Filling Machine?

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Capsule filling machine integrates machine, electricity and gas, adopts microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel operation, frequency conversion speed regulation, equipped with electronic automatic counting device, which can automatically complete the position, separation, filling and locking of capsules. To reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, and meet pharmaceutical hygiene requirements. The machine is sensitive in action, accurate in filling dose, novel in structure, beautiful in appearance and convenient in operation, and is suitable for filling various domestic or imported capsules. It is an economical and practical equipment for filling capsule medicines in the pharmaceutical industry.

Generally, the automatic intermittent rotary motion mode is adopted. The rotary table installed in the center of the worktable rotates at a speed of 6~14 revolutions per minute. There are 8 short stays per revolution, and the rotary table transports the capsules to the workstations around the turntable. During the short stay of each station, various operations such as sowing, sub-sac, filling, abandonment, lock-bag, sac, and cleaning of the mold are automatically performed at the same time.

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